Tuesday, October 12, 2010

oh my aching feet, welcome back Artestia!

**I first wrote this blog in August, but Artesia was on vacation. Now she's back, so here it is. **

I love, love, love flip flops and sandles and open toes shoes. (The ones above I made and are for sale in my Etsy shop.) I love shoes so much that this past summer we took a trip to NY for a nieces wedding, and I had packed a rubbermaid tote with 14 pairs of shoes for a 2 week stay, lol. Now all the other shoe lovers out there will agree when I say, sandals can be hard on your feet. The bottoms get stained and dark, especially when I cut grass in my sandles, and the heels get rough, and there's not much arch support. Well, quite a few months ago, I purchased some products from Artesia on Etsy, and one of the products was the Winged Sandals Foot Soak. I finally used it last night. WONDERFUL! The soak made the water bubble, and my feet tingle, and if felt soooooo good. When I was done soaking my tootsies, I discovered that the bottom of my feet were smooth and clean. It was great! I also purchased their Sublime lip balm, and use it alllllll the time. Artesia has been on vacation all summer, but now she's back, YEA!!! She is starting to fill her shop again, and I'm just waiting for some more foot soak. And her customer service is great. So if you're looking for great handmade and NATURAL body and bath supplies, you need to check out this shop. You won't be sorry.


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