Sunday, August 1, 2010

wonderful Sunday

Ah, I love Sundays. Getting up early, dressing up nice,! God is so good, how can I not gather with my friends to praise Him? I can't, and I don't understand people who claim to love Him, but do not gather to worship Him. I know, I've heard people say "I can just as easily read my bible and pray at home", but do they? Or, "I can watch those preachers on tv without having to leave my lazyboy recliner". Really? Or my worst favorite "why go to church when there are hypocrites there?" Does that absolve you from your responsibility for your own relationship with Him? When you get hungry, do you go to a restaurant? Or do you stay home and eat frozen tv dinners because there are hypocrites in the restaurant? You know, they order diet soda to wash down their deep fried chicken because they are worried about their health. Well, you don't stay home, you still go out and eat. And that is what corporate worship, or a GOOD church service should be. A feast of fantastic food for your spiritual health. We had such an awesome service this morning, and it started right in Sunday School, right up until we were dismissed. I could not wait to go back this evening. So where were all the people who were shouting and praising this morning???? Home in their lazyboy recliners? Still napping? Agh, I'm just venting. I know that everyone will answer to Him, not me. I just want to see a Christian who's walk lasts all week, not just Sunday mornings.

And all this brings me to my CAPSteam from Etsy. Here are a group of artists that truly give glory to God for their talent, and boy are they talented. I want to share with you some treasuries highlighting some great items created by these wonderful people. So enjoy. And thank the One who blesses all.
Hats off to the Capsteam by whatshername
colors from nature by cjscraftscorner
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