Thursday, September 23, 2010

it warms a mothers heart

Today Hannah and I had to run some errands during "school" hours, and one of the errands was to drop off some medication for her foster brother at his school.  Now, her brother is mildly retarded and is in an EC class across the county.  We arrived during the lunch hour, then visited during his class time, then had to go to the other class room to drop off the medication.  The children in this other classroom are what they call low functioning (I hate that term), and one boy in particular was just enamored by Hannah.  So she sat with him and helped him with his paperwork.  When we left she asked if we could come back more often, because she enjoyed helping the other children.  When we stopped at the library, she asked the librarian for books on MR and down syndrome, then told me she thinks she now knows what she wants to do as an adult.  She's only 9!  This behavior on the heels of discovering the past months dinners that she didn't like dumped behind my dryer, lol.  What a true blessing from God, for me.
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