Saturday, January 22, 2011

Blog awards!!!

This past week, we were honored to be given these awards from Off The Wall Expressions!! Off the Wall Expressions is a great Etsy shop featuring decals, a great blog, and a BESTeam member! Please stop by her shop and blog to see their great items.

Here is what I now need to do:

- Link back and thank my award giver. Thank you again to Off The Wall Expressions.
- List 7 things about ourselves that you may not know.
- Choose 15 blogs deserving of these awards, and let them know.

Our 7 things are:
1 - We love, love, love Monty Python and The Holy Grail, and can recite most every line.
2 - Mandy cooks most meals, and I clean the kitchen.
3 - We love horses.
4 - We both watch old black and white movies.
5 - Mandy is right handed, and I'm left handed (so I'm the one in my right mind ;p)
6 - We both love chocolate, and will eat most anything covered in chocolate.
7 - We both enjoy bowling.

Now for our 15 blog picks:
aPearantly sew
Handmade Shopping Guide
My European Touch
Polymer Playtime aka Fluttering Flowers
Pop Art Minis
Your Truly Dear
The adventures of Sandy Vern
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