Thursday, March 17, 2011

family, the circle of life

I was dusting my bedroom, finally, when I noticed these 2 pictures I have, on the same dresser, near each other.  And it got me thinking how life takes strange twists and turns, yet continues to move forward.  But when you're young, you never really know what the future holds. 
The first picture on the left is me with my mother, circa late 1960's.  I was around 10.  We were at a carnival, probably Crystal Beach in Niagra Falls NY.  And wearing the matching orange corduroy ponchos my mother had made for us.  There wasn't a lot of fun days as a child, which makes this picture extra special for me.  Notice the almost matching hairdos too.


The picture on the right was taken just a few years ago, with my youngest daughter Hannah.  She was 8, and we were at my step-son's wedding, playing in the photo booth.  I was struck with how, in both pictures, the mom was on the left, and the heads are close together.  I know that if my mom was here to see this, she would enjoy the similarities also.
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