Friday, August 5, 2011

Besteam feature on gmaellen

Today I "met" a new member of our BESTeam, Ellen Mackler.  Ellen lives in Walla Walla Washington. heehee, I love the sound of that "Walla Walla Washington".  I did a quick google search on Walla Walla and it looks like a great place to visit, and an even better place to live.  But back to Ellen, she has a shop on Etsy named gmaellen where she shares her crochet creations.  (I wonder what the gma before her name means).  She has some lovely creations, bags and totes, bookmarks, washcloths and dishtowels, jewelry, and blankets.  I also love to crochet, and it's a fairly new craft that Mandy has really gotten into.  The feel of soft yarn running between your fingers, and then seeing an item take shape right before your eyes, it's so nice.  Ellen loved watching both her grandmothers crochet while she was growing up, and those are great memories.  Now let me share with you my favorite finds from her shop.
The first item is this pretty pink crochet mesh shopping bag.  Ok, it's actually apricot, but I like the sound of pretty pink, kind of like Walla Walla, lol.  But seriously, the in-thing to do in this day and age is "going green".  And with this bag, you can go green in style.  I'm pretty sure that Ellen will also make you a bag in your very own favorite color, just let her know.
Next is this tiny crochet basket with button flower lid.   This is just too cute for words.  Stiffened with permanent fabric glitter too, sparkle!!!  I love sparkle!  What a perfect hiding place for anything special, like an heirloom ring, or your babies first tooth.
And finally, here are some earrings you won't find just anywhere.  These crochet lace fan earrings are so delicate and feminine.  Approximately 2x2.5", they are large enough to get attention, but not so large that they overpower your "look".  Way pretty.

Ellen also started her own blog, gmaellenscraftycorner.  It's a really new blog, so hop on by and leave her a comment welcoming her to the blogosphere. :~D
And about the name gmaellen....I'm guessing it stands for gramma ellen.  Maybe she'll stop by and let us know, hint hint.  Thanks for stopping by, and I'll see y'all soon.
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