Tuesday, February 7, 2012

one mans trash....

"One mans trash is another mans treasure."
Ok, I have to share a family secret with you.  My wonderful husband is a garbage picker.  Or should I say...a treasure hunter.  Now some wives have husbands that disappear for several days at a time hunting or fishing, or worse they "disappear" for several months at a time for football or hockey season.  I'm not saying there is anything wrong with these hobbies, I know several wives that join their husbands in these pursuits, and that is as it should be.  But treasure hunting could be embarrassing to our children.  When Amanda was a pre-teen, and a teen, she hated to be outside on trash day because she knew Chuck was out prowling.  One day we were driving her somewhere when Chuck spied a pile of wood on the side of the road, and cut off other drivers to get to the side, (a slight exaggeration).  I was helping Chuck toss the wood into the back of the truck when I noticed Amanda had disappeared.  She spotted some friends walking down the street so she ducked down in the truck so she would not be seen....I'm sure our giggles were not parental supportive.  Now that we live in North Carolina, Chuck has not been able to go on a hunt, because where we live there is no trash pick-up.  Well, yesterday, some guy knocked on our door and wanted to "rent" our truck to haul trash for the abandoned house down the street (he was cleaning it for the bank).  Chuck was not about to give a stranger the keys to his truck, but instead offered to take down one of our trailers, and when the guy was done, Chuck would haul it to the dump.  Did Chuck go straight to the dump?  Oh no, Chuck brought the trailer back to our house.  Yep, he went treasure hunting right in his own back yard.  He got a fairly large outdoor storage unit, and was just picking thru everything when Hannah got home from school.  Boy is she her father's daughter.  Her eyes light up and she dove into that trailer like it was Christmas...I just shook my head, smiled, and went into the house.  Several times she would come to show me something and remark "look what Daddy was going to throw out".  hahaha.  Someday you may see her on the show "Clean House", cuz she just can't throw anything away without a fight.  But I have to admit, they found some great things, pre-school homeschool curriculum, 2 wooden chairs (those are going into my art studio), and this baseball helmet that Owen claimed for his own.
He kept this on for several hours...and because he's a goof, he would run into walls or knock his head on the floor to "play" with the helmet.  At one point I walked by and knocked on the helmet and asked "anyone home?".  His reply, "yep, I'm home".  About 45 minutes later he gave me the helmet to put on, and when I did, he knocked on it and said "anyone home?".  That boy just lights up my life!
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