Thursday, March 8, 2012

Christmas 1987

I was looking thru my photo albums this morning when I came across some pictures of my nephew Aaron.  He was four.  We were at my mother's house (Nana) trying to decorate the house for Christmas, and Aaron was getting into everything.
Aaron is the youngest of 6 kids, and will do most anything for attention.  Is that normal for the youngest child?  I was the youngest and I'm not that needy for attention....ok, maybe just a little bit. lol.  My sister dressed him in some garland, but I think the other kids tried to pack him in a box, so we took the garland away.  Finally....we had no choice but to put him somewhere he could not get into trouble.

Yep, we hung him on a coat hook in the closet.  He loved it!  We would close the door and he would just get the giggles.  It was too funny!  He always did have an off-center sense of humor.

He is now 29 and a father.  Where did all that time go????  Can I turn the clock back???  But if I did, I wouldn't have Owen and his off-center sense of humor.  Hmmmm, I wonder if Owen would enjoy hanging on a closet door?  Yep, we put the fun in dysfunctional.
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