Thursday, April 12, 2012

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I love chocolate.  I mean, I really love chocolate.  If I could swim in it I would.  Chuck's favorite restaurant is Golden Corral, and they have a chocolate fountain there.  I just get me a big straw and pull up a chair.  (not really, they might kick me out).  So imagine my glee when I went to visit Larissa and Eric's shop, ReefBotanical, on
They create bath salts, and candles, and skin care items, and they make some in CHOCOLATE!

Take this Cafe Mocha Sugar Scrub for example. It is made with brown sugar, cocoa powder, coffee, and spices.  ummmm, if some made it's way into your mouth, hahaha.  It is believed that using coffee topically can reduce this way you wouldn't mind this going straight to your hips.

Here is their Honey Chocolate Soap.   An all natural vegetarian made from honey, oils, and cacao ribs, it sounds delish.  ReefBotanicals is committed to bringing you all-natural health and beauty products, never made with synthetic perfumes or colorants. And it is never tested on animals, a big plus for animal lovers like me.  Don't hesitate to visit this wonderful shop for all your beauty needs.  You can also find them here

And speaking of all natural, Making The Best of It takes one of a kind pieces of sea glass to create some awesome jewelry.
Like this Cobalt Blue Sea Glass Pendant wrapped in a sterling silver coil.  It's hard to believe that this once was a bottle full of ??? that some one tossed in the trash.  That bottle made it's way to the ocean where the waves tossed it around and smoothed it out.  Then it was found on the beach in New Jersey, where it received new life as this pendant.
You'll also find these Custom Hand Painted Toasting Flutes in this shop.  There are several champagne glasses to chose from, and you can even have a names etched into the glass.  Great for weddings, anniversaries, or any special occasions.  Making the Best of It loves special orders, just contact them at their store.  Look for them here...

Now that I've given you a little taste of the talent you'll find at, hop on over and check out the rest of the shops there.


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