Monday, May 7, 2012

My Besteam Monday spent in Israel

I have a BESTeam mate / friend.  Her name is Irith and she has a great Etsy shop, RioRita's where she sells wonderfully hand crafted jewelry.  Irith is a gold and silversmith, and her jewelry is...simply amazing.  She takes stones, sea glass, pebbles, ancient coins, whatever catches her eye and then creates rings, bracelets, pendants, and much more.
Take this Sterling Silver Heart Necklace for example.  Irith designed and cast each heart (there are 26 double hearts), set with 5 stones, and then connected piece by piece with silver studs.  It reminds me of a chain, painstakenly attached piece by piece.  Irith herself describes it as "a snake of hearts".  The stones she used were amethyst, carnelians, turquoise, and citrine.
Did I mention that Irith lives in Israel?  Tel Aviv to be exact.  The Holy Land...a place I would love to visit...someday.  Her workshop is close to the Mediterranean Sea, and when she takes a breather, she can look out the glass door and watch the peacocks and geese.  It sounds so idylic.  I love reading her blog, wher she shares pictures about her home and life.

She grew up near the Sea of Galilee. (I "borrowed" this picture from her blog) and her mother still lives there. 

This looks like something out of a travel brochure.  I can just stare at these pictures and think, this is where my Jesus walked and teached.  You can find more pictures at the blog post I got these pictures from..."My Heart is by the Sea of Galilee". 
Today she blogged about the inspiration for this Aquamarine Sea Glass Pendant.  How the herbs in her window garden gave her the idea for this wonderful piece.
You can find Irith in many different places in cyberspace, and I highly recommend her shop for anyone looking for that special and unique gift.

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