Monday, October 8, 2012

The 10 Day You Challenge ~ 9 Loves

The 10 day you challenge!

There is a challenge going on over at BlogLoveTherapy. BlogLoveTherapy is a great place for bloggers to get together for support and fun. So here is what is going on this week...

Now to make this last longer, I am doing this once a week, and this week is my 9 loves...
1) The first love in my life is My Father God who created me, His Son Jesus Christ who saved me, and the Holy Spirit who guides me every day of my life.
2)  My best friend and husband, Chuck, and all my kids.  Trust me, there are way too many to list here. lol
4)  Color, and lots of it.  Colorful beads, yarn, fabric, even my front door.  (The voting is still open if you would like to add your opinion on the color of my front door.)
 5) old black and white musicals....especially White Christmas.  I've been caught watching that in June.
7) animals ~ dogs, cats, horses, chickens, I love them all.  Which reminds me, meet my 2 new girls. 
Cinnamon and Rusty.
8) I love the beach, and the mountains, and everything in between.  The only thing better then going on vacation is coming home.
9) good friends...which is why I want to invite you all to visit mine at
They are the best group of people I have ever met.
Oh, and in case I forgot...CHOCOLATE!
Now hop on over to BlogLoveTherapy to check out everyone elses 9 loves.
Well, that's my 9 loves.  I'll see you all tomorrow.
Be blessed,
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