Friday, January 11, 2013

Handmade Friday Finds - Steampunk

We don't have cable or satellite at our house, but we do have great channels like MeTv and RTV and This.  They carry the great old shows like the Rifleman, the Dick Van Dyke Show, and the Brady Bunch.  A nice variety of styles and decades.  On This tv they show old movies, and they are fun to watch.  Yesterday I only caught the tail end of a movie starring Vincent Price.  He was flying over the earth bombing it from a "spaceship" which looked like a metal dirigible.  I can't remember the name of the movie, but it did get me interested in steampunk again.  So let's go see what I can find.
First I stopped at and did a simple search using the keyword steampunk, and this little guy popped up on the first page.  I love this "Face of Steampunk" bracelet.   He looks surprised, hahahaha.  This is a unisex bracelet and can be found in the shop of Uniqlets.  You really should visit this shop, the artist uses vintage pieces to create amazing jewelry.  You won't find pieces like these anywhere else.
Over on the search brought me this Steel Metallic Finish Steampunk Goggles.  Kind of cool, huh?  Great to wear, or just use as decor, this is handmade by Dr. Sharp in his shop.  And with that little led light, this would be a cool night light for your kids to use on their nightly bathroom trips. LOL
And this last one I found just doing a google search on handmade steampunk...
This is a real working desk...with a fully functional PC, LCD screens, cameras, and keyboard.  I love it!  Totally would not fit with my normal home decor, but how cool would it be to take care of business sitting in front of this desk.  I found this on the blog but the link to the desk does not work. :0(
Do you create anything steampunk? I've added a link widget to this post, so you can share your steampunk creations.  And if you know the name of the Vincent Price movie that started me on this journey, please let me know.
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