Tuesday, April 9, 2013

what to do...where to sell

Morning all.   I normally try to share some family life with you on Tuesdays, but with the new ducks and chicks, and the garden going in, I've been sharing family a lot lately.  So today, I am asking y'all for help.  You see, due to resellers and poor customer service, I have decided to let my shop on Etsy fade away, and I started a shop on HandmadeArtists last year.  I love HandmadeArtists, and I have made many good friends there, but.....I have only made one sale there this whole year.  I'm getting great views on all my items, and the customer service is beyond amazing.  And like I said, the people have been great, and there are so many social aspects to choose from, but....I have only made one sale there.  Now I have some difficulty understanding Google Analytics, so don't ask me about driving traffic or any of that stuff, all I can base my decisions on is the bottom line, sales.  I've debated whether it was the economy, but I see other people making sales there everyday.  Then I wonder if it's just my items, that they are not good enough.  People talk about niches, but every niche seems to be filled already.  I'm even looking for a "real" job, but at my age, despite my experience and ability, that is not working out too well either.  So, here are the choices in front of me today, and I would love your advise (or just encouragement).  

Stay with HandmadeArtists at $5.00 a month, which is a great price since I can't afford to advertise?

Try a different venue?  I've tried Zibbet and didn't like it, and Artfire is just too expensive.  I have an account at The Craft Star which is a possibility, and it's the same pay set up as Etsy.  $.20 per listing and then a small percentage upon sale.  Has anyone tried TCS before?

I did a google search for handmade gifts, and at the bottom of the first page was ShopHandmade.  I only did a quick browse (it was late and I was getting tired) but it's free to list there.  Anyone try that site yet?

And if I leave HandmadeArtists for another site, I plan to spend that money on web hosting for my own site. I figure if I'm going to have to spend even more time and money advertising and on SEO, I may as well promote my own site.  That way I can keep my handmade items, and vintage items, on the same site.  If you have your own website, that you actually sell on, what web hosting sites do you use?

Well, that's it for today.  Any and all suggestions are welcome.
Be blessed,
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