Saturday, June 15, 2013

HAF artists feature - vacation with The Alchemist Vessel

The week our artist feature at the Handmade Artists forum is our best bud (and slightly off center) Alix of The Alchemists Vessel.  Alix is a really cool girl, lots of fun, and her sense of humor...well...let's just say it's like mine, how very ironic. hahaha.  And our theme is "vacation" because we all need one.

Can't you just see me wearing this totally awesome Kahlessi Necklace from her Handmade Artists shop, while floating down the Nile on a barge powered by some hunky handsome shirtless young men?  oh, yeah, that's what I'm talking about.

Now, if I can't ride a barge, how about jumping on a plane and flying off into the wild blue yonder? I found these amazing plane earrings in her Etsy shop.  The blue beads even make me think of the sky we'll be flying through to get to.....THE BEACH!  And I'm not picky, I'll take any place with sand and surf.  Like this one...

...what an amazing view.  Amanda and Brandon got married on a beach like this one.  I found this beach print in the shop of CTCostaPhotography.   Oh I can just feel the warm sand under my feet while I search for shells, or the soothing rocking of the water as I just float while watching the young men with their tanned skin skimming the waves...oh there I go again. :0)  Hey, I may be old(er) and married, but I'm not dead!!

And then once I get home, I'll hang up this beach plaque that I created myself and have listed in my Handmade Artists shop, so whenever I walk past it, I can remember all those wonderful young men I met on my travels...sailors, pilots, and surfers. hahaha.

You can find Alix and her creations at these links...

Etsy / Handmade Artists / Facebook / Blog / Pinterest / Linkedin

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