Monday, June 10, 2013

I'm in a funk!

I'm in a funk and I don't know why...the weather is rainy and the weeds in my vegetable garden are thriving...the kids are now out of school, so I can expect no "ME" to-do list seems to multiply every night while I'm sleeping...and I don't feel like doing a thing!
I just finished a custom mat and frame job which gave me the excuse to buy a new mat cutting system, which made me happy.  And a few weeks ago I got a surprise visit from my youngest son Joshua and his girlfriend.
I can't believe he turned 30 on the 29th of May.  Impossible since I'm only 29 myself (yeah, I
On his birthday I was missing him very much, and was texting with him.  I told him I would bake him a cake if he would come and get it (he lives in VA, a 9 hour drive away).  We were joking back and forth about what kind of cake and then Amanda texted me to see if we were coming straight home from church.  When we pulled into our driveway, imagine my utter delight to see Josh and Tara standing in my driveway!  And I had not even had a chance to bake his cake, hahahaha.  They had been in Georgia and decided to make a detour (a 4 hour detour) to see me.  It made my day, and yes, it made me cry.  This is the first time Josh saw my new chicks and ducks, and he got a kick out of holding Quackers.
Last week we had a health scare with our son-in-law in Florida, but God took care of that problem quickly.  It made me realize that family is so very important, and it's difficult when family is spread all up and down the east coast (and I also have a brother and his family in California).  So I think to get out of my funk, I need to check my facebook page and see what everyone is up to, maybe make a few facetime phone calls,
oh, and get me some Owen time!!!  He always makes me feel better. 
Yes, I know, this picture is now considered "politically incorrect" and "threatening", but hey, I'm a country girl, and God blessed me with a cowboy grandson!
Be blessed,
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