Monday, July 15, 2013

Our summer school field trip - Ft. Dobbs

One of the pluses to homeschooling your child, is you can have class anytime and anywhere.   This past Friday, our local living history group had a summer camp at Ft. Dobbs in Statesville, NC.  It wasn't as big as the school day they have in the fall, but we enjoyed it.  Hannah brought a friend, and because she's at the age that parents embarrass her (especially me), they took off by themselves.  Which left me with little B and Owen.  In the following pictures, you won't see B because as a foster child, per the HIPPA laws, I am not "suppose" to post his information.  But he's been our son for almost 6 years, it's hard to take a family picture without him in it. lol.  So let me share with you our fun day...
(warning...this post is photo filled)

The first station was the toys and games.  Here a young woman was trying to teach Owen how to play "gracies."  That's here you throw a hoop with 2 sticks and then try to catch it.  It's harder than you think!

Here are the boys trying to roll hoops down the hill.  The grass was too high, and the hoops didn't roll well, but the boys had fun trying

Owen loves music, and he enjoyed this man playing a tin whistle.  After the man explained to the boys all about the tin whistle and the songs of that day, he played a few songs.  When he was done, Owen asked if he knew how to play the Angry Bird song...that poor man was confused.  It was too funny.

Then on to the cooking is one of the few times Hannah met up with us.  But don't worry, Ft. Dobbs is not that big, so she was never very far away.  And her friend was 15 and watching out for her.

Owen wasn't quite sure about the Cherokee Indian.  He asked the man what was wrong with his face, then he couldn't take his eyes off the mans nose ring.  I did get him to stand next to the Indian for this picture, but Owen wasn't going to get too close.

Owen liked this old wooden wheelbarrow, but he wasn't too crazy about getting his hands dirty for this photo op...that's my boy. lol.

These photos aren't the best because I forgot my good camera and had to rely on my cell phone.

There is a nice hiking trail behind the field, and the boys wanted to explore.  Owen had on his new sneakers, and we broke them in well. :0)

They wanted to follow these steps, but they looked a little too unexplored for my comfort.

After the hike it was time to go back to the fort.  I was surprised that Owen stood and talked to this soldier about his gun.  Owen is my country boy and loves to play with his toy rifle.  I know, totally politically incorrect, but a child who is taught about guns and gun safe.
He didn't even cover his ears when the flintlock was fired.

This last station was where Owen learned to march...and he did a pretty good job too.

After we left the fort, it was on to Lakewook Park and a pizza lunch.  You can't beat a $5 pizza from Little Ceasers.  And of course, we had to walk the trails there too.

Owen had a great time hiking...but boy, is Gramma out of shape!  And sandals were the wrong fashion foot wear for the day.  But we enjoyed checking out the trees, and moss, and bugs, and ducks.

It didn't take Owen long to fall asleep that night.  That's our new kitten Patches, and my baby PeeWee.  Owen is very good with all the animals at Grammas house.  And that pillow next to him?
Well, that one's mine, and this was one night I skipped the 11 o'clock news.

How was your weekend?  Did you spend it with someone you love?
Be blessed,
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