Friday, September 27, 2013

Summer, wherefore art thou summer?

Where did my summer go?  I walked out the back door yesterday to help put the cover on the swimming pool, and it hit me.
It's fall.
I missed summer.
How in the heck did I miss summer????
We took no trips this year, not even day trips to local parks and fun spots.  My vegetable garden went to pot...very quickly.  I didn't work in any of my gardens.  I only went swimming a handful of times, and Amanda and crew only came over once to swim.
So where did my summer go?
Here.  On-line.  Social media.  Trying to make my shop a success. 
 And in living life in front of my laptop, it passed me by outside.
Well, no more.  I took to heart some advise I learned from Bethan over at The Craft Star.
The 30/70 rule.
If I make my workday for my shop full time, that's 8 hours per day, Monday thru Friday.  I should spend 30% of that time with the selling part of my shop, and 70% of that time creating.
And it worked.  I now set my timer on my phone for 2.5 hours, and while working on-line with all my shop and social media business, Hannah sits next to me and does her homeschooling.  I follow my spread sheet list on the sites I need to visit and or link to, and then when my timer goes off, so does my laptop.  Then I get to eat lunch, clean the house, shop for supplies, and create items to sell.
And guess what?
It worked.
Over the last few weeks, I finished several pieces and even got them listed right away.  I am so proud of myself. :0)  Here's the latest scarf I created, and now I am working on making matching clutches to use the extra yarn for these scarves.

I love how easy this pattern worked, especially since it's crochet and not knit. :0)
I found the pattern at Cre8tion Crochet.

Well, I can't talk any timer is about to go off, and I have some of my favorite bloggers to visit.
Be blessed,

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