Tuesday, March 18, 2014

The Craft Star Artist feature - Mel's Fun Suds

This week I am thrilled to feature a really amazing shop from the huge collection of shops at The Craft Star, Mel's Fun Suds.  This is one of the cutest shops I have ever come across...

This shop is run by a disabled Air Force vetran and his very proud wife.  They were looking for something creative to do together, and decided to make soap.  When their son enjoyed the fun shaped soaps at bath time, they decided to share them with the rest of us.  Yea us!
Let's see what they have to offer.

When I first saw this bunny, I totally thought is was a real chocolate bunny, but it's not, it's soap.  You get a choice of a wide range of colors when you purchase this Easter bunny gift set.  You get 2 bunnies to a set, one to give away, and one to keep for yourself. :0)

Now, I'm just a simple country girl, so I had to share this Cowboy Up Clean Soaps.  You get a set of 4 bendy toy cowboys with their feet encased in a bar of soap, and you get to chose the soap scent.

Who else remembers Kazoos?  I loved them as a kid, and this set of 8 Kazoo soaps is a winner with me.  The bright colors will get any child's attention at bath time. 

 These remind me of a funny story...when my son Josh was still small (about 4) he had learned a "new" word.  And despite all my discussions and bribes, he used this word...a lot.  One day I got a bar of soap and told him that his dirty mouth needed to be cleaned up.  Guess what he did....he took a bite out of that bar of soap and swallowed it!  I was a young mother, and FREAKED OUT!  I even called poison control.  The man on the other end of the line was chuckling and asked me the brand of soap.  When I told him it was Ivory, he said that since it was 99.9% pure to not worry, and to definitely not take my son too far away from the bathroom.  I think he was trying very hard not to laugh out loud.  

Now it's your turn, click on any link above and check out all 165 items in her shop.  And please share any fun stories you have of raising kids, or being a kid.

Be blessed,
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