Thursday, May 15, 2014

Throw Back Thursday - memory of a smelly car

Yesterday we were driving home from a hot day spent at Brandon's Special Olympics.  I took Hannah and Owen with me.  Here's our pictures before we started to melt.
Me, Hannah, Owen
 Best buddies, Brandon and Owen.

Any how, on the way home, Owen let out a "silent killer".  You know what I mean, the kind that can curl your hair.  And we knew it was Owen because when Hannah and I in the front seat commented about the smell, he just started to laugh!!!!!  That little stinker, lol.

And that brought up a memory that I shared with Hannah, and now I'll share with you.  It was back in late 1999 and Chuck, my son Josh, and I had just moved to North Carolina.  As a surprise his daughter Colleen and her husband Pat surprised us with a Christmas visit.
And they brought their kids, Patrick (the blond at the top) and Krystal (holding the bunny (?)) and Shannon (the red head).  Cody wasn't with them on this trip.  I had taken my son Josh and the 3 kids to an evening church function, and on the way home Patrick let loose with a whopper.  I mean the kind that fogs up the windows and can wilt every plant in a 3 mile radius.  It was so bad that I had to pull off the road so the rest of us could get out of the car, while Patrick just laughed his fool head off.  Now here was the problem.  We live in the country.  Where there is no street lights.  And it was nighttime.  And it had been raining.  And apparently I pulled off too far, and the car got stuck in the muddy ditch.  So poor Josh had to walk to the closest house with a light on and ask to use their phone.  Let me tell you, Chuck and Pat were not laughing when they had to come and pull the car out of the ditch.  But by that time, the rest of us were.  Yeah, we're a strange family with a strange sense of humor.

And this memory just gave me another memory.  Of my Daddy's car.  My Daddy liked to drink.  Genny Cream Ale to be exact.  And every time I had to borrow his car, if I had to drive over a bump, you could still smell the old beer farts that were "stuck" in the drivers seat.  I hated to borrow that car, but I loved my Daddy. hahaha

And to end this smelly memory trip, how about a little Seinfeld?

Be blessed,
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