Friday, June 20, 2014

Handmade Artists Feature - Reef Botanicals

This week on Handmade Artists we are bragging about a great friend there, Larissa.  Along with her husband Eric, Larissa runs the shop Reef Botanicals, and that's where I found this...
Eric and Larissa makes this soap, and lots more, in their home, in their spare time.  And with all that they do, it's amazing they have any spare time.  They both have full time jobs, they make all natural soaps and beauty supplies, they just recently became beekeepers, Eric went into business making barbeque sauce, AND Larissa has a second shop, Fabric of My Mind,  where she sells her handmade crafts.  Like this...
You see, on top of everything, Larissa is also A STAR in her local theater.  And this little guy was based on a part she played in "Cinderella Confidential".   Want to guess what else Larissa does?
She's a face cool, and pretty, is this little tiger?  She is available for parties and community events, and you can check out all her facepainting events on her website.
Larissa also keeps us breathless with her daily escapades that she shares on the Handmade Artist Forum, and she's now teaching us the ins and outs of beekeeping on her blog, Reef Botanicals.  If you're not squeamish about bugs and bees, you need to check out the very cool bee boxes they made for their "girls". lol
Now I could go on for a long time bragging about Eric and Larissa, but instead I'll just whet your interest, you can learn more about them here....
There! That should keep you busy for a while. :0)
Be blessed,
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