Wednesday, December 3, 2014

My Last Show Of The Season

As if November wasn't busy enough, I crazily thought I would enter a few craft shows.  Kind of dip my toes into the water kind of thing to see if I want to jump into the arts and crafts show season next year.  Well, one of the shows was cancelled (I didn't complain) and the other one asked me to bring something other than crochet items.  Now, the majority of items in my shop are crochet, so I spent a week just drawing and coloring cards.  Forget eating, sleeping and showering. lol  Here's a few pictures of my "booth".
Here's an "overview" of my booth.  I had a 10' x 10' space, and since it was indoors I didn't need to worry about the weather, so that was a nice bonus.  Chuck helped me design and create my displays.  Well, it was more like I got an idea then it was "hey Chuck, can you make this?"
And he did.  Love my man!
This is my Rusty Art that I spent the week completing.  I call it "Rusty Art" because my mom's nickname was Rusty, and these are her sketches.  She was a very talented artist, and participated in many shows in NY, most notably, The Allentown Art Festival in Buffalo.  In order to supplement the sales of her larger pieces, she would make these wonderful cartoon pictures for the kids.  My sister and I would help her by filling in the pictures with color, and this is how I learned to use pencils, and pastels, and about the hue and tone and value of color.  When my mom passed, I inherited her sketches, so in her memory, I share her "Rusty Art".

This is one of the display ideas I had that Chuck helped me with, and trust me, we had no idea how to do this.  I saw this in an antique shop and loved the idea and took pictures for future use, but let me tell you, this display is NOT a one-man job. lol.  Trying to hold up the shutter doors while sliding the shelves through was like an old slap stick comedy.  But we got it, and it looked great.  This was for my seasonal items.
The blue rack is the one I usually use for my scarves, but since they didn't want more scarves, I used it for my crochet indian poncho.  I made this several years ago, and love it.  The pattern is very intricate (lots of ends to weave in) and it is done in a suede yarn (which I will never use again).  And it is very HEAVY.  It kept sliding off the rack.  The blanket next to it is a very large star pattern made in a loose crochet pattern.

This was my one and only table, filled with my small items, and business cards.  I had electricity so I was able to show customers my online shop.  I really liked that.
And my last picture for today, the big sellers of the day.  My handpainted gift bags.  I sold out!  Yea me! lol
I displayed them on an old window frame that Chuck added feet and hooks too.  I have another one in the shed waiting for me to remove the glass for more bags and ornaments next year.

I have to say, I really enjoyed doing the show, and I do plan on entering more next year.  Time for me to start saving some money for a tent!

Did you do any shows this year?

Be blessed,
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