Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Wait! Come Back! I'm Still Here!

I cannot believe I've let so much time elapse since my last post!
How dare my real life interfere with my virtual life! hahaha
So, you want to see what I've been up to?

Gingerbread Houses.

Before Christmas Brandon got an urge to make a gingerbread house.  I don't know where that urge came from because we have never made one before, but hey, I'm game for anything, at least once.
So before I show you ours, let me show you others.
I found these on a Google search, and if there was a link to a working webpage, I added that to the picture.  Give credit where credit is due, and all that stuff.

And the piece de'resistance!

Now for ours...and when you see this, you'll understand why on last night's live The CraftStar show, why I commented that I don't read "mommy" blogs anymore.  I just can't measure up. lol

Here's a photo montage of the fun we still had creating this work of art.  The construction workers were me, Hannah, Brandon, and Owen.

Take note of Hannah's happy face in the first picture.

I showed Hannah how to pipe the first side, then let her go.  As you can see by this last picture, she was NOT happy.  The fun of having a perfectionist daughter. :0P

At least the boys had fun....
and yep, they started to pick it apart and eat it about an hour later.  I was lucky to even get pictures. lol

A new Christmas family tradition.

How was your Christmas?

Be blessed,
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