Thursday, April 30, 2015

The Heros In My Family

What is happening to our world?  How did it get this messed up?  Looter and rioters destroying communities and families, and then blaming the police and government?  Then calling Bruce Jenner a hero?  Now, don't get mad, this is not about the government, or transgender-ism, or race.  It's about changing ourselves, and there by changing the world around us.  And acknowledging the real hero's in our world.  The police who defend the innocent, the firefighters who save those in trouble, and the soldier that defends our freedoms.  Including the freedom of peaceful protest.  Today I would like to honor my family hero' firefighters and soldiers.
Tyler and Krystal granddaughter and her husband who serve (and served) in the Navy.
Mikaele grandson in law serving in the Navy.
Nick nephew who served in the National Guard, and now serves as a volunteer fireman right next to his father, my brother-in-law Felix Coniglio.
My step-son Carl Huntington...a volunteer firefighter, and his son, my grandson Austin who serves by his side.
Alec grandson who serves in the Army.
Chuck step-son who serves as a volunteer firefighter and EMT.
Tim nephew who serves as a paramedic and his son Jarrod Forsyth who served as a police officer, and just lost his life in a freak training exercise.

To you all...
thank you.

And now on a lighter side, a few weekends ago, we packed up our kids and traveled to New York for our nieces wedding.  We stayed with Chuckie, and he gave my Brandon a thrill of a lifetime.  He took him out for a ride in the fire truck!

He will talk about this....forever!

Who are you proud of?

Be blessed,
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