Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Wonderfully Weird Wednesday

How is your sense of humor? Just slightly left of center?  Or are you like me, the weirder, the better?
I laugh at anything, and everything.  And at what some may consider socially unacceptable situations.
But hey....if you can't laugh, then you cry.  And who wants that?
When I'm looking for something unusual, there is no better place than Pinterest.
Am I right, or am I right?
So I did a search for weird home decor...and up popped this...

now I grew up in the 70's and while we had the avocado green appliances and shag rugs, luckily my Mom missed this!  There are some other great 70's decor on this site, Apartment Therapy.

How about a handshake doorknob?  Or a coat rack made from doll parts? hahaha

ok...while this looks comfy, how the heck do you gracefully get out of it?

How about some seating?
Ewwwww, no thank you.

hahaha....I love weird, how about you?

Be blessed,
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