Tuesday, January 5, 2016

YBC Book Review - "Last Act, the final years and emerging legacy of Ronald Reagan" by Craig Shirley

I was recently reading a book, "Last Act, the final years and emerging legacy of Ronald Reagan" by Craig Shirley, and I have to say....it was a struggle.  So this will probably be a short and to the point review.

I was excited to receive this book from BookLookBloggers, because even though I was just a young adult during his presidency (and even considered myself a liberal for a while), I always looked up to Ronald Reagan.
His quiet determination, and love for this country made him a man almost larger than life.

And that's why I was so extremely disappointed in this book.  It was full of facts, but written in a way that was very dull.  I was hoping for actual stories about Ronald Reagan after he left office, but it was just stories about his funeral.  Craig Shirley did a lot of name dropping (I had no idea who the vast majority of people were that he talked about), and what felt like a lot of blaming and finger pointing at other politicians, parties, and the media.

While I'm normally a quick reader, it took me almost a month to read just the first half of this book.
Then I quit.
I'm sorry, but I can only recommend this book to someone looking for dry details and not inspiring stories.

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