Monday, April 18, 2016

A Handmade Monday

When you shop, do you look at the tags? Do you care where (or how) the item was made? Do you look for quality or just the price?  Are you a "keep it and care for it" kind of person, or do you just let it fall apart and then "trash it and buy more"?
I have to admit, I'm a little bit of both.  I do look at the labels when I am shopping, and I am trying my best to support the "made in the USA" label, and you can find great deals with products made here.  When I am shopping for myself, I don't mind spending over $100 for a dress, or close to that for a pair of shoes, because I am definitely a "keep it and care for it" personality type.  But if I'm shopping for my teen daughter, who is definitely a "trash it and buy more" type, I refuse to pay a lot for an outfit that I know will end up on the floor of her closet. lol.  Her homeschool prom is coming up and our go-to store for her is Ross.  Her prom gown only cost $30.   Perfect.

Now to get to my main subject...handmade.
If you want quality....go handmade.  For some reason, (probably advertising), people think that when something is handmade it is not made as well as something made with a machine.  Helloooooo.  Have you checked the stitching and seams of the imported clothes hanging in Walmart?  Or the cheap jewelry you find hanging on endcaps?  Or (my pet peeve) the $5.00 jewelry you'll find at craft shows?  They ARE NOT handmade, they are cheap imports that will fall apart.  So, to combat the false images of "nice jewelry, cheap", let me show you some totally awesome and unique pieces of art that you wear, and keep forever, and then pass on as a family heirloom.

Harlequin Bracelet

I am amazed by the intricacies of chainmaille.  And I just happen to know a wonderful chainmaille artist, Alix.  Alix shares her creations at The Alchemists Vessel.
She created a bracelet for me, my choice of color...I still have it, and I love it!
Check her out.

teal macrame bracelet

Remember the macrame craze of the 80's?
The friendship bracelet craze of the 90's?
Take that and add beads, and you have some totally unique creations from KnotJustMacrame.
I follow Sherri on facebook, and if you follow her too, you'll get to see her during the creation process.  Plus, she's just fun.
silver and citrine earrings

And lastly, how about some wire wrapping?  Just look at the work put into these silver and citrine earrings by AOA jewelry.

Now it's your turn.  Your turn to decide if you're going to go for cheap, or quality?

I'll take quality any day.

Be blessed,

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