Friday, May 27, 2016

Yesterday's God Moment

Do you believe in luck?
Chance? Happenstance? Putting out good energy and getting back good in return (as opposed to bad energy and bad returns)?  Karma?

I don't.

I believe that very existence is by design.
For a purpose, a reason.

I believe in God.
In His ever present love and intimate interaction in our lives.

I also believe in the devil.
In his ever present hate for God's creations and his strong desire to destroy us.

Yesterday evening, these 2 pulls on my life came together in what I call,
A God Moment.

This morning, instead of sharing this with you, my family could have been arranging my funeral.


I had to go to the neighborhood drug store and it was raining.  Not just a shower, but intermittent buckets of water pouring from the sky.  Now, while I have fun with the kids in the car, I am actually a very careful driver.  Especially in bad weather.  There is a sharp, mostly blind curve on the road near our home.  I almost always slow down for this curve.  Mainly because people think that there is no speed limit on country roads.  (But yes, there is).  Yesterday, as I was nearing the bottom of the curve, I got an irritable itch on my right shin.  The kind that makes you try to rip your skin off.  The kind you can't ignore.  So I took my foot off the accelerator, but did not stop, and bent to scratch the itch, which pulled me a little to the right.  Just then, a car came FLYING AROUND THE CURVE crossing the double yellow line.  It swerved back to it's own lane, and continued on it's way.

But I stopped.  Stopped to thank God once again for watching over me.  You see, if I had not slowed down and pulled right, I would have been in the middle of that curve, and that speeding car would have hit me head on.  I know that I know that an angel pinched my leg.

I'm trying not to cry as I write this, because while I know that God loves me, moments like this remind me....


There are many moments like this in my life.
Not luck.
Not karma.
God moments.

I bet there are many in your life too, if you just keep your eyes open to recognize them when they come.

Share with me your God moments in a comment.
I would love to hear it.

Be blessed,
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