My Cancer Journey

My Post-Chemo Vacation Dreams

One thing I'm learning on my cancer journey, is to take it one day at a time.
And plan for the future.
I've already decided on long hot pink hair IF mine should decide to fall out.
My next plan is my post-chemo vacation.
A place where I can relax and recoup with no stress, no iv bags, no tubes or needles or nausea.
So, where should I go?

Local to NC of course, and my favorite rest spot
See that soft tan sand?
The beautiful blue green water?
The softly lapping waves?

And right in the middle of this picture,
picture me,
laying in a hammock 
in my hot pink wig.

I am a history buff, I love stories of how this country started.
So what's a trip without a little learning?
We have talked about seeing this every
time we go to the beach, and never get there.
But since this trip I am not going to be in
hiking form, sitting and watching
Ghosts of The Lost Colony
is a good choice.

Now when I'm tired and just need some quiet time, I'll send Chuck and the kids to
Jockey's Ridge State Park,
the world's largest sand dune.
I'll be sitting on the beach again,
having some alone time with my son who I never get to see as much as I want since he grew up and moved out of state.

And for our last night there,
nothing is more fun than some interactive
action.  And this
OBX Mystery Dinner
looks like a blast.

Does any of this look like fun to you?
Be blessed,


My Cancer Journey

This is my life now.
Which is why my posts have been sooooo spread out lately.

Today I have stage 2A
Otherwise known as lung cancer.

You can read the beginnings of my health issues here
and here.

And here is where I am today...
doctor appointment after doctor appointment after doctor appointment.  I now have my GP who is watching my diabetes, which is mostly under control.  In fact, my latest A1C says that I am NOT diabetic anymore.  Yippee!!!
I also have a cardiologist, a pulmonary doctor, a surgeon specialist, an oncologist....and her whole team, and this week I get to meet a new surgeon who is going to give my a port-a-cath, which is a small device implanted under the skin where they can hook me up for my chemotherapy treatments.  In fact, I have a doctors appointment every day this week.
So much for a regular life right now.

But it's not all doom and gloom.

After my surgery they only found a few cancer cells in 2 out of 7 lymph nodes (which is what bumped me up to stage 2A) so it is very early and the doctors are very optimistic that the chemo will be successful, and I will only need 4 treatments over the next 12 weeks.  

A "perk" of this situation is my brother and sister made the trip from New York to visit me this past weekend.  It was wonderful.

When you live 5 states away from each other, visits are few and far between, and while we talk on the phone and share on Facebook, there is nothing like a real physical visit.

We played games, (I found out that my brother STILL cheats, hahahaha)
talked, and laughed till it hurt.
I laughed so hard, I kept running out of breath.
I loved it,
but I am exhausted. 

Here's another positive, when (IF) I lose my hair, I can go shopping for more vintage hats


I told hubby I'm getting a HOT PINK WIG!
What do you think?
I don't know who this girl is, but she is beautiful and that hair is

Hubby is not so thrilled, so I'll get a normal boring wig too. hahahaha

My 15 year old daughter just told me I was too old for pink hair.

I say you're never too old for pink hair.

So what do you think?
Pink hair, yay or nay?

Be blessed,


Bring It On 2017

2016 was not a good year, for a lot of people.
The elections turned friends into enemies.
Way too many people died, from sickness, from violence.
Society is falling apart.
People have forgotten how to be kind to each other.
To show mercy.
To forgive.

And personally my year wasn't any better.
I was run down most of the year.  Just working and sleeping.  No energy.  No desire.
I chalked it down to just too much on my plate.
Then I got sick.
(You can read about that here.)
I had my surgery on December 5th.  They removed the top lobe of my left lung.  Not fun.
It's just the past few days that I have felt almost normal, but only for short periods of time.
But it turns out my journey is not done.
They found a cancer cell in 1 lymph node from the lobe they removed.
So with that, and the spot still on my right lung, it's off to the oncologist I go.
But that is not going to deter me.

I am determined to beat this cancer.
I am determined to update and sell my house.
I am determined to move to New York to be closer to family.


No more waiting till I have time.
I'm going to make time.
For me.
For my sanity.

So, how is your 2017 starting out?
Make a change.
And make it for you.

Be blessed,


Sorry For The Interruption

Wow! I can't believe it's been over 3 months since my last post.
Well, actually I can believe see, I've been working a "real" job, with crazy hours
So I was either working or sleeping.  And sick.
Apparently I've been sick for close to a year, but I didn't know it, and it all came crashing down around my head on September 24.
I thought it was just a really bad case of heartburn, but continually got worse, and then when my heart started beating crazy, hubby took me to the ER.
After getting my heart regulated, I was admitted for observation, and a few blood tests.
Then an x-ray.
Then a CT scan.
Then an echo-cardiogram.
I was there for 5 days, and felt like Alice that fell down the hole.
Every day brought me a new doctor, and another diagnosis.
I have A-fib (which brought me to the hospital)
brought on by Type 2 Diabetes.
And while checking the x-ray a spot on my lung was discovered (hence the CT scan).
So they did a CT scan directed biopsy.
Which brings me to stage 1 lung cancer.
Yep, this non-smoker got lung cancer.  Go figure.
So now, I work when I can, while waiting for the results of the latest PET scan and for a surgery date.
All while learning all I can about diabetes.

The plus side to all of this?
1). God provided the right doctors at the right time to discover the lung cancer that otherwise would have become too severe before I noticed any symptoms.
2). I'm finally getting myself into shape with a better diet and exercise.
3). All my kids will be home for Thanksgiving...and I don't have to cook. lol

The moral of my story?
Life is short...enjoy it and spend time with those you love, and do the work you love.

Be blessed,

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