Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Amanda lives in tornado alley

Happy Tuesday all. My Amanda spent an interesting evening/night at her mom-in-laws waiting for her first tornado from yesterdays storm front. She lives in Kansas, tornado alley. She survived, but maybe now she'll be ready to move home to me???? Hmmm??? No pressure, no guilt. hahaha. I remember my first hurricane after moving to Texas from New York. As hurricane Alicia (back in 1984) moved inland, I was filling both bathtubs and all my sinks with water, and trying to keep my youngest son under the bed where it was safe(??). I had no problem keeping Amanda under the bed, she hates storms. After the first part of the storm, the eye of the hurrican came to town. Imagine my surprise when I saw my neighbors light their grill and grab a beer to "celebrate" the eye. I was sooooo ready to move back home to my momma where, while the snow gets deep and blizzardly, it doesn't move your house. :p A few months after the hurricane, my brother came down and helped us move back to NY, in a blizzard, on Christmas eve. Ahhhhh, weather I could understand.
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