Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Hannah's first art show

Yesterday we went to our local mall to see our youngest daughter's art work. She was in her first art show thru her school. See, the nut doesn't fall far from the tree. LOL. Her Dad and I are very proud of her. There is a small art gallery in our mall that she loves to walk through, and she has a good eye when it comes to art work. We have a game where I will point out one painting, then she had to walk thru the gallery and find the same artist's other work without looking at the name tags. Just by seeing each artist's individual style. And she is right about 95% of the time. She just loves it. Some day I will have to take her to the Mint Museum in downtown Charlotte NC. Or the art museum in downtown Buffalo NY, which was on of my favorite hangouts while growing up.

OK, back to her #1 is the doorway to the "gallery" at the Signal Hills mall.

Next we have her fish sculpture. Yes, that red and yellow tube is a fish. Remember, art is subjective :).

Then there is the "artist" with her work. She was so proud of herself.

She found the turtle while walking around looking at the other art work. She did not even realize that she had 2 pieces in the show. She was thrilled. Now hopefully she will stay focused on her art, and give up her dream of being a dirt bike racer, hahaha. Well, I guess she can do both.
We love you Hannah!!!!
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