Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Besteam feature on CutesyBootsie from Etsy

*in a sing song voice*  CutesyBootsie, Cutesy Bootsie, Cutesy Bootsie,  I just love that name!!!!!  Cutesy Bootsie is a Besteam member with me, and she has the cutest shop, hence, Cutesy Bootsie.  Brooke is the amazing talent behind the wonderful knits you'll find in her shop. Like this pretty pink boa.  What a way to keep your neck warm.
fluffy pink frosting boa

punkin pumpkin baby hat
She is a middle school teacher, and I admire her for that.  Being stuck in a room with a bunch of pre-teens would drive me CRAZY.  'Course I am already halfway there.  (that snicker you hear are my children...the cause of my insanity).  It's amazing that Brooke designs most of her own creations.  So much talent.  The first time I saw this baby pumpkin hat, I thought "how cute for a baby granddaughter".  Did you hear that Amanda????  hint hint.  Anywho, if there is a special size or color that you need, customer service is her middle name.  Plus she ships internationally.  You can follow her on facebook and twitter.  And her blog is crisp, clean, easy to navigate, and a great read.  Watch for my tweets and facebooks posts throughout the week for more peeks of her creations.  Or even better, go to her shop, and start shopping!!!!
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