Wednesday, December 1, 2010

life changes in a moment

Driving home from church tonight, I noticed a huge plume of smoke from a distance. As we got a little closer we could see the light from the flames. It was coming from the direction of our neighborhood, and our home. All I could think of as we raced home was our family that was at home. My foster son, my daughter, her husband, and my precious grandson. I didn't even think to pray or worry, I just called out to Jesus. Are we turned the corner, we saw that it was the barn from the farm across the street. My son-in-law stated that the fire was not there just 10 minutes before, something had blown up. We could still here some loud bangs coming from the fire. Living in the country, it took some time for the volunteer firemen to arrive, and the barn and it's contents are totally gone. But, the fire did not spread to the homes nearby, and as far as I know, no lives were lost. For that I am grateful. Remember, your life could change in a split second, and everything that seems so urgent will turn out to be not even important. So go and hug the ones you love, and be grateful to God for every moment you are given in this life.
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