Wednesday, July 6, 2011

healthy eating is killing me, hahahaha

Well, we are trying to live a healthier lifestyle here at OHTY, especially since they now say that dark chocolate is good for you. :)  But seriously, I've gone the route of adding calories, counting points, weighing and measuring serving sizes, and while I lost a few pounds in the beginning (3 years ago), I've been up and down with the last 3 pounds since.  So I am tossing out my scale, and if I feel healthy and can keep up with my 2 year old grandson, I'm fine with that.  But to feel healthy, you need to eat healthy.  My husband loves to garden, and I love to can, especially tomatoes.  So I want to share a quick and easy reciepe that Amanda made with some of our fresh garden tomatoes.
Grilled open face tomato and cheese sammy: take some
french bread brush it with extra virgin olive oil/oregano/red pepper flakes, toast it on the grill then add tomatoes and mozzarella cheese on top and allow the cheese to melt. Made with homegrown tomatoes from my mom's garden, they were super-juicy and super-yummy!

With home-made spinach and artichoke dip.  Amanda got the recipe from Food Network, really easy, made with all-natural stuff- no added chemicals for processing! 
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