Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Besteam feature on Empty on the Inside

I have a new friend.  Maybe not a best friend (yet), but definitely a BESTeam friend, and her name is Annie Oliverio.  She paints.  I want to paint.  She paints cards.  I love getting cards.  She writes a blog.  I LOVE her blog.  See...kindred spirits, lol.  When I knew that I had the fun of featuring her shop Empty on the Inside this week, instead of a "normal" feature just talking about her shop, I wanted y'all to get to know her.  You see, I have been following her blog for a few weeks, and this girl is interesting.  She is not afraid to share.  So I sent her a message asking if she had anything special I could share, like an embarrassing story.  And she did not disappoint, hahaha.  So here it is, in her own words....
My fate was sealed long ago, my destiny to a life of paint, brushes and small paychecks formed far back in elementary school. It can all be clearly traced to a single event from my childhood. My beloved second grade teacher, Mrs. Brannick, passed out a math quiz one afternoon – what could it have been in the second grade – adding a few small figures together? Certainly nothing too complex. But as I sat staring down at the figures on the page, puzzling, I realized that I had – rather urgently – to use the bathroom. Mrs. Brannick had told us that we could only go to the restroom once we finished our math test and Mrs. Brannick’s word was law. Her admonition only served to add to the confusing jumble of numbers in front of me. I knew this stuff! But my brain refused to process, my fingers suddenly couldn’t be persuaded to be (literally) counted on and in fact, there was nothing but a gray blankness in my mind. Focus! But my only focus, the single thought in my head was: I must use the restroom. Now. As my fellow classmates completed their tests one by one, my sense of desperation only deepened. I knew I’d be the last to finish – if I finished – and in the meantime, my bladder was sending me dire threats and urgent warnings of imminent disaster. Of course the inevitable happened. My self-control abandoned me and I had an accident right there at my desk, in my classroom, surrounded by 20 or so of my peers. The humiliation was swift and deep. I do remember the awful moments after this embarrassing event – the laughing and pointing – but the hold-over is that ever since, I struggled and still struggle with any kind of math or figuring. Formulas and equations and long lists of numbers make me queasy; trying to add in my head gives me the same feeling as looking over the edge of a skyscraper. Without the comfort of a calculator I am completely lost. And so now it is that I surround myself with colors and lines and shapes with no need to discern their angles or lengths, areas or sizes. Even so, I always make sure that I’m never too far from a bathroom.

(Incidentally, I had a “repeat performance” later that same year stranded mid-line at the 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea ride in Disneyworld, effectively ruling out a career in the Navy.)

Hahaha, I love this woman!  And I love her cards.  She has such amazing talent.  This one is titled Winston.  My PeeWee gives me that look every time I get comfortable in my chair with my laptop on my lap.  The look that says "hey, that's my lap". teehee.

The cool thing about Annie's cards is...they are empty on the inside.  Hence the name.  She has purposely left the inside blank so you can add your own feelings and words to each card you purchase.

This toy truck greeting card would be perfect for Owen.  He loves trucks, and trains, and anything even remotely boyish.  He also like to watch High School Musical, but don't tell his dad, hahaha.  Sorry, I know this is all about Annie, but I just couldn't help myself :~D

Annie's cards are all hand painted and original.  So when you give an Empty on the Inside card, you are giving the best.  Better than Hallmark or American Greetings.

Considering the cost of mass produced cards nowadays, Annie's cards are very reasonable, and well worth any price to share some art with someone you love.

This last card was a custom order.  So if you need to have an extra special card created, Annie is the girl for you. 

Now for her blog, Dough, Dirt, and Dye.  This is a must read.  Funny and insightful, and just full of, well, Annie's world.  It's a fun world.  And in addition to all of this, she has a facebook page too.  So click on the links above, the you'll want Annie as your BESTeam friend too.

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