Tuesday, August 16, 2011

the little worker

We spent a big part of our day yesterday catering to Owen.  And I do mean catering, between Poppa and Mamaw, Aunt Hannah, little Brandon, and Witney, Owen gets pretty  much whatever he desires, lol.  And since the temperature has cooled a little, we spent it outside.  Everyone but Poppa took a walk to see the horse down the road.  Owen loves horses, just like his mommom.  And even though we have a horse and a shetland pony at our house, we took him to see the big Arabian down the street.  I'll have to take my camera and share with you that wonderful looking horse.  Well, when we got back, Owen ran to Poppa's workshop and refused to leave.  I even offered him to watch the Mater movie (he watches it every time) but very politely Owen said, "no thank you". lol.  Then he dove headfirst into Poppa's tool boxes.  Oh the toolboxes!  So many tools, so little time.  But Owen does his best at getting out every single one.  Now Chuck does woodworking, but mostly he just keeps our lawnmowers running.  You see, we have children that "try" to keep our grass under control, yet everytime they hop onto a rider, it breaks.  We usually have broken belts and flat tires, but I have actually seen a wheel come off and roll down the hill faster than the mower. hahaha.  And our teenager?  She actually ran into our pontoon boat. 
Our pontoon boat.  28 feet of large blue and silver, and she hit it head on.   :~D  Guess who won't be driving my car in the foreseeable future.  All right, now back to Owen.  He loves to try and help Poppa with the repairs.  He hammers and
drills and sweeps.  But as soon as Poppa turns on the air compressor????  That little boy sure can run!  His favorite tools lately are the plyers.  He loves to squeeeeeeze anything and everything.
And dirty????  I don't know why Amanda sends him to our house in nice new clothes, and white sneakers. hahahaha.  After helping Poppa fix the mower, I bribed Owen into the house, and asked Aunt Hannah to give him a bath and hid the
greasy evidence while I prepared dinner.  Here is the new do Hannah gave him while bathing.  Luckily they kept "most" of the water in the tub.  So clean and shiny now, Mommom would now never know.  At least she didn't until she saw the used to be white sneakers, hahaha. oh well, life at Poppa's and Mamaw's is suppose to be fun.   Come back tomorrow for our feature on our BESTeam member Empty on the Inside.  She has a great embarassaing moment to share. :~D  Debbi
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