Monday, September 12, 2011

my local CAPSteam buddies

I haven't shared my CAPSteam buddies in a while, so here we are...While looking thru the members list, I noticed a few that are local to me.  How cool is that?  So I'm going to show you some hometown CAPSteam talent.  First up from Lincolnton, NC, Meadow Song Arts.  Danielle is an accomplished artist as well as a talented crafter.  My favorite is this Chimpanzee done in oil.  I feel like it's staring right at me, kind of like my kids when they are hungry, lol.  This wonderful chimp is painted on 10x10 canvas board, the perfect size for that hard to decorate area.
Ok, my second visit today is MyStuff2, located somewhere in the state of North Carolina, where I find this little guy staring at me.  What's with the looks I'm getting today? hahaha.  This shop of full of georgeous photographs, and from her photos she creates gift tags and greeting cards, but her biggest sellers are bookmarks.  I am an avid reader (I refuse to buy a nookbook) and I have misplaced the scrap pieces of paper, or tissue, that I usually grab to mark my page.  I definetly need some of these bookmarks.
And then there's MissPrettyPerfect.  Finally, something not staring at me, but of course it's yelling...BUY ME! hahaha. LaToya is fairly close to me, down here in Cornelius, but for a little while she tried the Big Apple, but hey, once a southern belle, always a southern belle.  Right LaToya?  She makes the greatest purses (from my old yankee speak), but I've learned to call them pocketbooks down here :~D  Her style is unique and you won't be sorry to keep all your stuff in one of her bags.
My last pick is Sew Upscale from Morganton, NC.  Linda creates quilted postcards!  How cool is that?  I've sewn clothes, and made many quilts, but never would have thought to make a quilt that small.  I love this one of the Rocky Mountains.  It almost looks like the view from my front porch where I can watch the sun set behind the Blue Ridge Mountains.
Now this last picture has absolutely nothing to do with Etsy or arts and crafts, but it is typical North Carolina.  EWWWWW.  I have lived down here (from NY) for 12 years, and I will NEVER get used to the HUGE bugs that share my world.  But I must say, the colors and patterns are pretty.  My husband kept telling me to get close to take this picture, but I said that I would depend on my zoom lens, thank you very much.

I hope you enjoyed my local CAPSteam buddies, and you can click on any link above to visit their shops.  And while you are there, buy local! lol
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