Tuesday, October 11, 2011

boo boo and bubba

Now you all know how I love my boo boo (my grandson Owen), and I love my bubba (my foster son Brandon), but you should see how they love each other.  Owen wants to do everything Brandon does, which is not always a good thing. 
Here they are riding their bikes together.  Now I know Owen is not quite 3 yet, but he is already too big for a tricycle.  He wasn't too crazy about this little bike, till he watched Brandon first.  You may not know this, but our Brandon has some special challenges, and he does not have very good balance, so he doesn't pedal, he walks.  And now so does Owen, lol.  But I'm sure Owen will try to pedal soon enough. 
Whenever Owen comes over, once we finally get him into the house (he's a real outdoorsy type), usually the first place he goes is to Brandon's room.  Sometimes he'll call out for Brandon, and then he will run in and grab the toys!  Oh the toys!  Way too many toys! hahaha.  It's funny, while some may call Brandon challenged, he always knows when someone has been in his room. lol.  But this is my favorite.  The boys love the movie "Mater's Tall Tales" and always want to watch it.  They watched it soooo much, I made Mater go away on vacation for a while.  Anyway, the first clip is about Mater revving his engine in preparation to jump a line of cars.  After he is airborn a few inches, he falls on the cars and drives over them.  Well, my boys know all the lines and the moves from this movie.  Watch it and enjoy, and I'll see you all tomorrow.
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