Wednesday, October 12, 2011

the BEST is better x's 4

The last time I blogged about my BESTeam members, I only talked about 3.  Today I talk about 4!  4 wonderful talented ladies filling their shops with wonderful but totally different items.  So here's my dilemma, how do I tie them all together?  Why, with color of course.  And that color is turquoise.  Such a beautiful color is turquoise.  And you'll love these....
When I opened the door to The Orange Windmill, the first page had this totally awesome Turquoise Leather Bound Journal.  Oh, the color.  You'll never misplace it (though someone may try to "borrow" it), cuz the color just makes this journal pop out at you.  128 pages, 4 sections, and totally handmade makes this a truly wonderful place to keep all your secrets, or the notes your favorite class.  Go and see all the journals here, and you can also find Shirley on her blog, her facebook, twitter, pinterest, and tumbler.
When you go to the shop of Knitful Dezigns you'll find a whole bunch of great knit items.  On page 2 is where I found this beautiful Big Turquoise Rosette.  You need to go for yourself and see how this looks when your wearing it.  An absolutely gorgeous way to keep your hair, up, back, whatever.  What a punch of color! You can also find Veronica on her blog, weebly, zibbet, facebook, twitter, and flickr.  You'll love her facebook page, she plays games and gives away stuff.  Fun, fun, fun!
Check out this Turquoise and Tiger Eyes Necklace from the shop, Blue and White Wear.  There is something very elegant about this color combination.  All the jewelry in this shop is elegant, and beautiful, and timeless, and just everything.  Check it out for yourself if you don't believe me.  Follow Claire on twitter, and just check out her blog for all the latest Blue and White Wear news.
Now this last shop was more of a challenge. I couldn't really find anything truly turquoise in the shop KC Dragonfly, but the color of these earrings was just to stunning to pass up.  Small dangle blue glass with tiny roses, these would look great with any outfit.  This shop not only carries jewelry, but you'll also find parasols, pouches, and all manner of Goth accessories.  You'll also find Kristine on facebook, twitter, flickr, her gallery, her blog, and her very own website.
Now how's that for a great group of shops to jump start your Christmas shopping.  And for more great features, check out the BESTeam blog for more artists and blogging tips and great ideas to increase your sales. 
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