Thursday, October 13, 2011

my cure for a stressful day

I have a very busy day ahead of me.  A very busy several days to be exact.  We have one child moving out tomorrow, on her way to adulthood and independent living, and a new child moving in next week.  The new child is a boy, so we need to switch the rooms.  Hannah is moving to the smaller room, she is sooo excited about having a room to herself again.  We take these moving times between children to repair walls and repaint rooms.  It's amazing how much damage a very angry child can make to a wall, lol.  But this is the life God has called us to, and one we enjoy, despite the stressful moments.  So like I said in my title, this is my cure for a stressful day.
A Dunkin Donuts Pumpkin muffin and a nice cup of New York Salada tea.  (yes, I drink my tea thru a straw).  You can only get pumpkin muffins in the fall, and you can only get Salada tea in New York.
ahhhhh, Calgon has nothing on this, except fewer calories.
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