Friday, October 14, 2011

made in my childhood

I was looking thru my Etsy teams, when I saw something that brought back memories of crafting with my mom.  She was an amazing woman, always doing something.  And she saw art in everything, 
which was not always a good thing. She had 3 boxes of empty masking tape rolls that we moved so many times...she insisted that she was going to use them in some craft someday. Unfortunately, she went home to be with her Lord before then. I wonder where they are now? (Dawn, if you are reading this, do not, I repeat, do not send these boxes to me, lol).  This is her at the Allentown Art Festival in downtown Buffalo, New York in the early 1970's.  Oh the stories I could tell of my mom and the great memories of all the art shows she participated in, where I got to hang out with amazingly talented people all day.  But I'll leave those stories for another day, today I want to show you what I found on Etsy.
I saw this Hymnal Angel, upcycled from a vintage hymnal in the shop of Romantic Thoughts.   She took the hymnal and if you fold the pages a certain way, the book becomes round and stands up.  We used to do this to our old Readers Digests and then spray paint them green and glue glittery pompoms on them for Christmas decorations.  I love how she took this craft that extra step and created this wonderful angel.  Something you can proudly display all year round.
Now look at this bracelet.  I remember back in high school, taking empty gum wrappers, and folding them in such a way that when you connected them you ended up with a long strand of zigzag.....stuff.  I don't know if there was even a word for what me made.  You can find this Red Upcycled Magazine Bracelet in the shop of Wasted Space.  (Gee, I remember that from the 70's too, hahahaha.  never mind.)  You'll also find some really cool t-shirts and rings there too.
I can't believe I found this Handmade Wreath made with recycled plastic bags.  While writing this post I got to thinking about my oldest sister Kathy (who is now with mom) and how we spent several days taking clear plastic sandwich bags, tying them around a re-shaped metal coat hanger either in the shape of a wreath or a candy cane, then spray painting them.  So I did a search with the key words, recycled plastic bags, and this popped up.  I love it!  You can find this wreath in the shop of Little Vintage Cottage
Boy, I've really enjoyed walking down memory lane and sharing these finds with all of you.  And now to continue the fun, tomorrows linky party theme is....childhood memories.  Yours or anyones.  Just link up and share.
Night all!
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