Saturday, October 15, 2011

Saturday Shopping Link Up - childhood memories

So while writing yesterday's post, I thought that a fun theme idea would be linky up things that would remind us of a childhood memory.  It can be an item, a color, anything that sends you back in time.  And I'm going to add a second step to this linky party.  After linking up your item or blog, from any shop not just Etsy, leave a comment telling us your childhood memory.  Here's what I found...
Ok, who did not have Tupperware back in the 60's and 70's, raise your hand.  My mother had a small room/large closet dedicated to just her Tupperware, lol.  Everyone sold it and everyone bought it.  And why not, it was, and is, some of the sturdiest storage sets around.  I found this great Back to School Tupperware Lunch Box in the shop of Well Lush.  Very groovy!
Wow, Love Story, talk about your classic romance movie.  I grew up in a house of women, and we would just cry and cry at the end of this, and enjoy it while crying, talk about hormones, lol.  Back then they didn't need sex to sell a movie, just great acting and great music.  This is an Vintage Record Album upcycled to a journal.  You can find this in the shop of Red Cottage, which is filled with wonderful vintage books, record cover journals, and photographs.
When I saw this Vintage 1970's Crochet Camisole pattern, I was floored.  Not only did I make this camisole, I still have the whole magazine that the pattern was featured in.  Hmmmm, there's a summer project for me.  This pattern and many others can be found in the shop of Cemetarian.

Now that I found 3 great items to share with you, it's your turn to share with me, and all your friends.  Don't forget to comment and share your memory.  The more the merrier.

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