Tuesday, October 25, 2011

What's new at my place?

Wow, it has been crazy at my house lately.  First I've been super busy with the Besteam, and then I joined the On Fire For Handmade Team, plus we decided that this was the year we are going to enclose our back deck and make it our living/family room....by Thanksgiving.  Is that even possible you say?  Well, here is what my back deck looked like this past Friday.  As you can see, it had become "the junk room".  Do you have one?  Growing up, my mom had a junk drawer which was suppose to be for those items you're not sure where to put?  But our junk drawer consisted of a whole dresser, plus the top, and the table next to it...you can see where this is going.  My mom hated to throw things away.  She once joined a club called the "messies club".  It was suppose to help her organize and sort her stuff, but instead she just started a new pile for the "messies club" newsletters. hahaha.  Well, the deck is now cleared off except for the glass top picnic table, the grill, and the "bowflex" machine. (I have no idea where to put that thing, Owen is the only one that messes with it, sheesh).  So that leaves me 3 1/2 weeks to move the electric meter, add windows, doors, walls, and a new floor.  Hmmm,  we shall see.  Now I also want to share with y'all some new items I finished and listed in our Etsy shop, just in time for fall/Thanksgiving home decorating.

We have this cute little scarecrow just relaxing amongst some bitty yellow flowers in a vintage basket, and a straw wreath wrapped in a rust ribbon and accented with yellow and orange silk flowers and a little pinecone.

And just yesterday I listed this little straw hat just brimming with fall leaves and little pumpkins.  Great for your front door, or you can wear it if you have a small head. :~D
When I found this vintage straw basket with a little scarecrow in front, I knew it just needed some bright flowers to bring it to life.

You can learn about these items, or the aforementioned Etsy teams by clicking on their links.  I'll see you tomorrow with my Besteam finds of the week.
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