Thursday, November 3, 2011

back deck #2

Last week I talked about the changes going on with us now, most notably, making our back deck into a living room. Here's the blog post.  
Well, there was a day or two where the deck was empty except for a table and grill and bowmaster.  But since then, we decided to take out Brandon's bed, (he was tearing the new floor whenever he threw himself on the bed) and then Chuck decided to put some new flooring in our back where did everything go?  Guess!

Ummm, my self-imposed 3 week deadline is not looking too good right now. hahaha
We still have the table and bowmaster and grill, but we also added a washer and dryer and a very large and heavy bed frame.  It was worse last night, I purchased (from our church's yard sale) a new/used wooden cupboard to use for our coats when we loose our mud room.  We got home last last night, we were tired and missing Survivor, so we just dumped it on the deck.  Right in front of the steps.  Chuck took it away before I took pictures.  hahaha.  And yes, that is a pumpkin still waiting to be canned.  Oh well....procrastination is part of my family heritage. :~D
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