Friday, November 4, 2011

don't forget your Thanksgiving decorations

Yesterday, Amanda told me that they had started playing Christmas music at Walmart, and I've seen the commercials already starting, and it makes me want to say....WHOA!  Did Thanksgiving just disappear?  Why do we rush our lives like that?  Or is it the large retail stores that rush the seasons so they can make more money?  Well, I say, STOP.  Life is short enough as it is, let's enjoy every season and holiday.  Thanksgiving is an important date in American history, for a very important reason, the first settlers were thankful to our Mighty God for caring for them that first year here in our new country, just as He still is doing today.  So let's celebrate God's hand on this country, and on our lives, and thank Him for another year to live, and to love.
And on that thought, I want to share some wonderful items to decorate your home and to remember to give thanks when you're chowing down with your loved one.
Wits End Designs (from the Capsteam) has this wonderful cross stitch towel to remind us as we cook, how blessed we are for what we have been given.
And BusybeeHolidays (also from the Capsteam) has this delightful straw broom with cornhusk doll.
Here's a great reminder of why we give thanks, a simple painted wood wall hanging.  Sometimes less is more and I particularly like how DawnsPainting kept this simple to match any home decor style. Or how about using this handpainted card from EmptyOnTheInside to invite someone special to share the day with you?
Here's a great Thankful jar from CreationsFromMyHands. As your guests arrive, have them each add a slip of paper to the jar listing what they are thankful for.  My wonderful niece keeps a jar all year long, and when something wonderful happens, they put it in the jar.  Then at dinnertime, they can read how God blessed them all thru the year.  And don't forget to decorate your food with this cupcake decorating kit from Primpmycupcakeshop.  Cupcakes are an easy dessert the children can help make, and this kit makes it even easier for little ones to help decorate.  And then there is our home decor items.

There's still plenty of time before Thanksgiving to order any of these items to help you enjoy your Thanksgiving holiday.  And please, shop homemade or your local small business this holiday season, you won't be disappointed.
And before I forget, tomorrow's linky party theme will be, giving thanks!  Or Thanksgiving. <3
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