Wednesday, November 9, 2011

The Best of Black

Black is a great color (or a great color void of color, heehee).  Think about's the great all around color that goes with anything, rarely shows dirt (except for white chalk), and my makes you look thinner!  Black is the common theme I found in my 4 BESTeam shop features for this week.  So slip on your favorite little black dress and let me show you what I found.

Isn't this black butterfly simply gorgeous?  You can find this in the shop of the 3 totally talented women that make up Poison Garden.  You'll also find some really fantastic jewelry.  This piece is so feminine and yet so dark and Gothic, but they also have necklaces that are light and colorful too.  Check out their shop and other links here.
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Every necklace needs a bracelet, and you'll find this black and silver bracelet in the shop of BeaderBubbe.  Pretty black beads with silver spacers are strung on memory wire, to fit any size.  And it has a cute little silver charm attached.  You can find Agnes's awesome links here.
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Now, I know that many women don't wear hats anymore, and that's a shame.  A great hat just adds to any outfit, and this wonderfully feminine vintage black wool hat is just the ticket to top off your new look.  At only $15, you better hurry before someone else runs to Redemption Art and snags it before you.  Check out the rest of Connie's on-line places here.
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Now, you may be wondering, "what am I going to do with this black mini leather journal when I'm all dressed up?"  Well, it's to jot down the phone numbers of all the men that will be giving you foolish pick up lines all night long. hahaha.  Shirley makes the coolest journals at The Orange Windmill.  Big ones, little ones, and all the colors of the rainbow.  Yellow, orange, turquoise, and they look so soft.  You could get lost writing your life story in one of these.  Here are her links.
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Now let me also tell you a little about the BESTeam.  We are a group of Etsy artisans that help to promote each other thru our blogs and other social media outlets.  We also share tips on our private team page and on our own team blog.  If you would like to be a part of the besteam on Etsy, just click on either link above. 
Now I'll see you all here again tomorrow.  Until then, be good.  If you can't be good, don't call me for bail money. hahaha
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