Tuesday, December 27, 2011

The Huntington Christmas 2011

Whew! Now that the last 2 weeks are behind me, it's my turn to just sit and relax and enjoy the Christmas aftermath, lol.  So let me share just a few of the MANY pictures I took.
Here's our girl Hannah (on the left).  She got an e-notebook for a gift, so this was the last we saw of her till dinner. heehee.  And on the right is our other girl Amanda.  She was not feeling well, too many hours at Walmart for the past 3 weeks (plus the cold bug) finally caught up with her.  On Christmas Day! Yuck!
Notice the pretty place setting.  I bought a place setting for 4 new at a store years ago, but then I found the rest at one thrift store in NC and one thrift store in NY.  And the glasses came from a little antique shop in town.  The man on the left is Amanda's hubby Brandon, Chuck is on the end, and then there's my cousin Susie and hubby Gary. 
After dinner, Hannah took the kids to the boys room to play.  (I blurred the edges because I can't show to faces of our foster children).  Hannah had set a headlamp to strobe, and they were taking turns singing and dancing.  And yes, jumping on the bed.  Stupid Santa put candy in their stockings, hahahaha.
Speaking of a sugar rush, holidays are the only time my kids can get away without "cleaning" their plate, and still getting dessert.  Now this is how to eat a cupcake!  Owen likes to eat anything frosted from the top to the bottom.  When he was done, I had green frosting on the chair, tablecloth, and me!
Poor Pee Wee, after a day of being carried, and stepped on, (that's why I carried him), snuck food too, stole food from, and generally played till he dropped.  That was exactly how I felt by the end of the day.  The kids woke us up at 7am, and we finally went to bed at 1am.
I would like to leave you with a little video of Owen(of course) playing the drum set we got him as a gift.  Funny how mom and dad forgot to take it with them when they went home. hmmmmm.
I pray everyone recovers from the holiday madness and remembers to enjoy their many blessings, and get ready for an amazing New Year!
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