Saturday, December 24, 2011

Saturday Shopping Link Up - Owen and Nancy

I'm mixing up my post for the day, I found a wonderful shop on Etsy and I took Owen to the mall yesterday.  I can't decide which to talk about, but since they both make me smile, I decided to combine them.  First the shop....Nancy's Craft Nook.  I found Nancy thru an Etsy circle thingy (actually she found me first) and when I went to visit her shop, I was greeted by these 3 little guys.
These needle felted Pink Elephants made me laugh out loud when I first saw them.  The details Nancy added to them are amazing.  I just now noticed how the one peeking out from his fingers is looking at the other two.  And the picture of their backsides shows their way cute little curly tails.  These were not created to be toys, but I'm sure Owen would love to play with them himself.  Now these elephants are way too cute...
...kind of like Owen trying to eat one of those frosted cookies you can find at the mall.  He likes to eat the frosting first, so he just plasters his face in the cookie top.  This is what I have a video of, but can't share it.  Owen loves sweets, but hates to get sticky, and he had green frosting everywhere, and he was trying his best to pick it off his fingers.  I couldn't get him to lick his fingers, and I got laughing too hard when he got green frosting up his nose!  Ok, back to Nancy...she is married to a Denver Bronco's coach...knows nothing about football, and loves the Beatles.  Like her I know nothing about football, but Owen loves to watch sports.  We are Buffalo Sabres fans here (hockey) and Owen will shout "HE SCORES!" complete with some arm pumping.  Of course, he doesn't care which team is scoring, lol.
Nancy also has a 2 dogs and 8 canaries...and her love for birds could explain this wonderful birdhouse!  This is now on  my favorites list, and come spring....I may be placing an order myself.  So if you want it, get it now.  And how about this sock monkey chair for Owen's time out chair?  Or would that just make time out too much fun, hahaha.
 Here are 2 places in the mall that Owen does like to sit in, as long as I didn't turn them on.  He's not crazy about items that move under it's own power, lol.  And he wouldn't go near Santa!  He just watched all the other kids, and I'm sure the ones that screamed and cried only reinforced Owen's reluctance to get close, hahaha.  You can find Nancy and her amazing creations at the above links, and you can like her facebook page here.  Now for our linky party...I know I missed last week, and I do this week, let's share whatever makes you smile!!!!  Just click on the linky frog below, then share this post with your friends.  And since you won't hear from me tomorrow, Amanda and I would like to wish all our friends a very Merry Christmas and a Blessed New Year!!!

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