Thursday, January 19, 2012

We love our cats

I have almost always had a cat in my life, and my children (especially Amanda) has inherited my love of all things feline.  Right now she has a grey tabby named Droopy.  He's named that because he is probably the laziest of cats in history.  Droopy is now up in age and very ill, he can't keep food down, and is nothing but bones, but still loves to just sit and be loved.  So, because I know that the end is near for Droopy, and will be hard for Amanda, let me share some of my favorite pictures of Droopy from when he was young and healthy.  And when you read this, please say a little prayer for Amanda, because if you have ever loved a pet, you'll understand.

"Look, out the window, should I chase that bird?"


No box, or basket, was safe from Droopy.  He could sleep anywhere at anytime.  Stuff still in the box?  So what, he'd climb in anyway.

 Ok, is that ham I smell?"  He would wait till he thought we weren't looking, then slip his paw up and steal from the plate.
Now go hug and pet your pet.  All they desire is your attention, and what they give in return can make all your problems just disappear.
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