Friday, March 2, 2012

The path to our identity

Amanda and I are on a journey.  And I'm sure it's pretty much the same journey we are all on...looking for happiness.  Amanda and I find our happiness, and contentment, and joy, in our relationship with our Father in heaven, and then thru that relationship, we find happiness, and contentment, and joy, in all the other relationships and situations in our lives.  Our husbands.  Our children.  And our business.  Just like everyone else, we want our business to succeed.  Do we want to be independently wealthy?  Only a fool would say no, hahaha, but we do want to be "successful" and not just spending time making contacts online or creating beautiful things.  You see, when Amanda was living in Kansas, we discovered Etsy, and thought "ok, let's start a shop together".  And then without further thought, I jumped in and started the shop.  And pulled Amanda in with me.  Because that's how I am, I get an idea and jump.  I don't always think first, because I just get excited and see my vision of the end result.  Poor Amanda, she is the total opposite of me in many ways.  She thinks, she ponders, she researches, and I chaff at the bit. LOL.  That is how we ended up with the name Our Home To Yours.  Now we want a web site, but when you search Our Home To Yours, well, you get a lot of results.  And that started us on our find our own special place in the cyber world.  And like a good mother, I stepped back and gave the control to Amanda.  After all, not only is she more level headed that way, she also spent many years (while very sick) getting her masters degree in graphic design, with a slant towards advertising.  See, she's the real brains behind this outfit.  And I am very proud of her.  Any who,  the whole task of rebranding is overwhelming, but we made a break through, a new name, mission statement, and vision.  As you can see by the header, and new url address, our new (and unique) name is Yankee Burrow Creations.  The Yankee part should be self-explanatory, Burrow to kind of take the place of home since we are about home and family, and Creations because everyone else and their sister has crafts in their name.  You can follow this whole process in Amanda's blog AH Designs.  And highly recommend you follow her, because while she is extremely professional, she did inherit my warped and often sarcastic sense of humor.   Fun reading.  Now for some crafting talk...

Several years ago, on a trip to New York, my sister gave me this material.  I wasn't sure what to do with it, but true to my artistic packrat background, I brought it home with me.  A few nights ago, I had a "vision", to take these squares and create decor for a child's room.  Come back to see how I turned this vision into a finished product.  I am just twitching to get started.  :~D
In case you have missed me lately...I have had poor internet access.  So I dumped AT&T (boo) and have only had access thru the wifi hot spot on my smart(er then me) phone.  But Monday, I will have a new service provider, Time Warner Cable (yea), so I can get back to my online life.  But tomorrow, there will be a linky party!!!!  I'll bring the snacks, and we will be celebrating...children.  So bring any child item for show and tell.  And if you don't have anything childlike...bring something else.  Everything is welcome (except mature items).  We love to see the creations of our friends.  See you tomorrow.
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