Monday, April 23, 2012

a BESTeam friend

Hey y'all.  Have I ever told you about the BESTeam on Etsy? I'm sure I have, cuz it is such a great group of people.  I love how we are able to forge friendships with people we would otherwise never get to meet, and some of my best on-line friends are my BESTeam mates.  Like Claire....
She has an amazing shop on Etsy named BlueWhiteWear and she's been a member of the BESTeam from the very beginning.  That's over 2 years that we have followed each other, and featured each other, and shared with each other.  So let me share something new about Claire with you.
Just look at this Tangerine Tango Bracelet.  If you know me at all, you know that orange has become my favorite color, especially since my mother passed on 10 years ago.  It used to be her favorite color, so this bracelet just makes me smile everytime I see it.  These are jade beads strung on memory wire to fit most every size wrist.  I always thought jade was just green, until I met Claire.  She grew up in upstate New York (I grew up in Western New York ;p ) but lived for 9 years she lived in Bangkok, Thailand.  Which is where she fell in love with the traditional blue and white porcelain prevalent in Oriental design.
  This Pearls and Blue & White Porcelain Necklace is a perfect example of the Oriental design that Claire applies to her jewelry designs.  So very pretty!  Last July (2010) Claire and her husband moved to Santiago Chili in South America.   A new adventure in her life, and new stories to share with us on her blog.  Just recently they experienced several large earthquakes, a 5.2, then a 7.2, and a 6.7.  She tells me her house was just a'rockin, but the did not get any damage.  I would have freaked! LOL.  Rumor has it that Claire and hubby are getting set to move again.  Destination unknow, but I'm sure it will be exciting.
I picked this last piece, an Elephant Cluster Charm Necklace because it reminded me of my sister-in-law Brenda.  She loves  elephants.  She once told me she admired their sense of family, how they would watch out for and help the babies of other elephants.  Family is so very important, and I am happy to claim Claire as part of my internet family.  Look for news on Clair's life on her blog,  and twitter.  If you would like to make new friends, and have an Etsy shop and a blog, consider joining us on the BESTeam out there.

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